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Find Your Internal Rhythm!!
The following article is an excerpt from Pocket Coach Volume 3, "The Athletic Golfer"
authored and copyrighted by EA Tischler.  It encourages each golfer to perform an
exercise that Ed believes is one of the best exercises the golfer can train.
Maintaining good feel is not a technical concern, it has more to do with tuning into your natural athletic state.  
When an athlete is tuned into this natural state, the feelings of rhythm and timing automatically blend the swing
techniques into one coordinated activity.

The athletic golfer tunes into her rhythm because she already has a rhythmic mechanism anchored inside her
subconscious person.  Just as we all have an internal clock, we all have an internal rhythm.  It was established at
birth, and it stays with us until we die.  It never changes frequency and it’s always present.  We simply need to let
it flow so it can influence our swings positively.  

Therefore, the athletic golfer does not strive to create good rhythm.  Instead, the athletic golfer focuses on tuning
into her own natural rhythmic mechanism.  Then, she uses the rhythm to coordinate her eye-hand coordination

During our everyday actions the natural rhythm flows freely influencing our actions naturally.  The result, naturally
coordinated actions.  So, what impedes this natural flow?  Why don’t we always have good rhythm.  The answer
is, the mind.  The mind’s inclination gets stuck in thought impedes the natural flow of our automatic systems.

When the mind entertains negative thoughts, or results, it sends tension into the physical activities of the body.  
This tension robs our actions of their natural rhythm, and disrupts our timing.  So, when the mind is free of
thoughts, our rhythm flows and our subconscious mind automatically coordinates our actions.

Therefore, in order to tune into our natural rhythm we must learn to clear our minds of all negative thoughts.  We
must learn to keep our awareness open to the athletic task at hand.  There can be no thoughts of results,
outcomes, scores, or winning and losing.  

When the mind is an open observer, rhythm and timing flow naturally, the body remains relaxed, and our actions
feel good.  So, having a clear and relaxed mind will facilitate having natural rhythm, which will lead to better
timing, and good feel.

In order to maintain good feel in an athletic manner, we will train with an exercise that affects the clarity of the
mind, allows rhythm and timing to flow naturally, while maintaining a relaxed physical state.

The exercise I’ve chosen to satisfy this task is “Awe-ing.”  Awe-ing is a breathing exercise that helps us find our
most relaxed athletic state.  

Breathing exercises have been used in all sports, for centuries, to help athletes regain a relaxed state during
pressure filled situations.  The athlete who knows how to breathe openly and freely will

always be able to quiet the mind, regain relaxation, and open the pathways for rhythm and timing to flow
naturally.  To this end I strongly recommend the awe-ing exercise.

To practice awe-ing all you need to do is say “Awe” out loud during your swing.  Keep the awe flowing as long as
you can.  Eventually you will be able to awe throughout your whole swing, from beginning to finish.  Ideally this
“awe” will remain constant, relaxed, and deep.  There will be no inflections in the volume or fluidity of the awe if it
is performed perfectly.

This may sound easy, however, it is very difficult to awe perfectly.  It took me one whole year of practicing every
day to master my “awe.”  

Whether you choose to master this skill or not, stick with it, practice it often and watch your feel improve as your
“awe” improves.  Those who commit to this exercise will find that the more relaxed the awe-ing becomes, the
better their rhythm and timing become.  

Practicing this exercise sounds funny, however it is one of the best exercises a golfer can experience. Especially
if the golfer wants to be athletic.  

After practicing “awe-ing” for a significant amount of time, you’ll find yourself “awe-ing” your way around the  golf
course.  You’ll be doing it silently, but you will be “awe-ing.”  Then, when you find yourself in pressure filled
situation, you will depend on your awe-ing to get you through in a relaxed and focused manner.

While playing on the course, I awe quietly, simply feeling my breath leave my body.  During training I awe out
loud.  Awe-ing out loud gives me better feedback.  You’ll need to find your own way of training with the “awe.”  
Find a way, you won’t regret it.

Like all other exercises, I recommend you train your awe-ing at home before you test your skills in the presence
of a golf ball.  Make sure you are comfortable awe-ing without a golf ball before you actually play shots with a golf
ball.  It is much more challenging than it sounds.

To practice your awe-ing at home, locate a quiet place where you can swing a golf club.  Assume your finish
position, and begin awe-ing.  Feel the awe coming from your diaphragm.  The deeper the awe, the more relaxed
you will be.

Let your breath all the way out.  When you feel your awe run out, take a deep breath and start awe-ing again.  
Let your awe all the way out again.  Feel how deeply it bottoms out this time.  Repeat this process a few times
without swinging.  Simply feel how relaxed, smooth, and deep your awe is when posing in your finish.

When you feel comfortable awe-ing in your finish position, you are ready to awe while swinging.  Take one more
deep breath and begin awe-ing.  As you start your awe-ing, swing-back into a full back-swing, then swing-thru to
a full finish.

As you swing while awe-ing, notice how relaxed and fluid your awe remains.  Does your awe-ing have any
inflections?  Do you feel any tension in your awe, or has it remained relaxed?  Is your awe-ing deep or shallow in

The key to swinging with a relaxed awe is to swing in whatever manner produces the most fluid awe.  So, try not
to swing with your image of perfect technique.  Allow yourself to swing in whatever manner produces the most
relaxed awe.  If your awe is perfect, your swing will be perfect for your present physical conditioning.  

So, listen to your awe, and listen to your body.  If you do not like the way your swing looks when you have a
perfect awe, then you will need to improve your physical conditioning for golf.  When your physical fitness
improves, the look of your swing will improve.

Be patient with this drill.  Remember, it took me one year to master my awe.  Every week I thought, how long is it
going to take to get this?  A couple months down the road I thought I had it, but each following month showed me
new levels of perfection.  So, be patient and stick with it.  
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