July 2018

Stroke Saving Golf School.  
$600 per Student -
Friday July - TBA
Limited 6 Students.
Olympia Fields CC

Owning Your Swing School.  
$750 per Student -
Saturday July - TBA
Limited 6 Students.
Olympia Fields CC

BioSwing Dynamics Level One
1-Day Accreditation Course
Olympia Fields CC
$495 per Instructor
Monday February - TBA

BioSwing Dynamics Level Two
1-Day Accreditation Course
Olympia Fields CC  
$495 per Instructor
September - TBA

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New Horizons Golf Approach
I n n o v a t i v e  C o a c h i n g  F o r  G o l f e r s
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E.A. Tischler is the Director of Instruction for Olympia Fields CC.  Olympia Fields CC is a
nationally recognized club with a rich heritage of championship golf.  In 2015 it continued
that heritage by hosting the U.S. Amateur Championship. Founded in 1915, by 1925 the
club boasted four 18-hole courses and the largest private clubhouse in the world with an
80-foot, four faced clock tower visible to golfers from all four first tees. The grandeur of
Olympia Fields was remarkable even to Herbert Warren Wind, America's leading golf
historian, who, in his landmark work, the Story of American Golf, marveled at this
unparalleled expression of the spirit of the Golden Age:

If you are planning a trip to the Chicago area between May 1st and November 1st please
feel free to contact E.A. Tischler for lesson availability.

From November  through EA Tischler will be based in Northern California.  He will be
offering lessons, golf schools and workshops at San Juan Oaks Golf Club in Hollister,
CA.   San Juan Oaks Golf Club is a beautiful Fred Couples Signature Design Golf Course.  
It is located between San Jose and Monterey and the perfect location for a winter vacation
that involves golf, instruction and sightseeing.  The Napa Wine Country is an easy drive,
with San Francisco on the way and just south you will find Monterey with all it has to
BioSwing Dynamics Coaches:
Become a Certified Instructor:
The Program is a 6 part program that takes the guess work out of Instruction. When you have completed the
program you will be a Master Instructor
.  We will hold 3-4 Major Educational Events each year.  Certified Instructors
must attend at least one of those events to maintain their certified status.  Those instructors that want to become
certified must attend at least 3 Educational Courses before being tested at Level One.  Those 3 courses must
include at least one Major Educational Event.  The other 2 can be another Major Educational Event, a BioSwing
Dynamics 2-Day Workshop, or a BioSwing Dynamics 1-Day Certification Course (design specifically for preparing
instructors testing).  To be certified at any level instructors must pass a written tests along with a demonstration of
skills test.  

BioSwing Dynamics Levels and Curriculum
Level One:
Understanding and employing the influences of the 1) Pelvic Pivot Axis (Posting/Swing Anchor), 2) Trail Arm
Action, 3) Lever Delivery Action, 4) Postural Release, and 5) Hip differential Test.
Level Two:
Understanding and employing the influences of the 1) Wrist Lever Action, 2) Impact Linkage, 3) Downswing
Delivery Plane, 4) Clearing Action, and 5) Core Region.
Level Three:
Understanding and employing the influences of the 1) Top of the Backswing Plane, 2) Torque System, 3) Arc
Management, 4) Axis of Symmetry, and 5) Kinetic Power Sources.
Level Four:
Understanding 3D technologies, assessments and techniques: including Ground Force and Kinetic sequence,
Kinematic sequence, Dynamic Balance and Dynamic Posture, Resisters and Releasers, along with Impact
dynamics and launch characteristics.
Level Five:
Stroke Saving Techniques.  With a focus on building a technique that matches the golfers biomechanical
design, while developing a repeatable technique.  Areas of focus include Putting, Up & Down around the green,
Bunker Play, Wedge Play.
Level Six:
Inner Game and Playing Management.  Organizing your Method of Play, Performing in the Flow by developing a
routine that leads you into the Zone.  Includes goal setting and understanding strength and weakness.  We also
address statistical analysis.

E.A. Tischler
Level One Coaches:
Co-Founders & Master Instructors:
Understanding Your Biomechanics:
(Left) What's your balance alignment?  Some golfers are built
to pivot more around the rear hip joint, some more around
the front and some in a more centered fashion.  Do you know
which one your body owns?
(Right) 3 swing sequences:  What's your Swing Path and Lever Delivery
Action?  Notice in each of these three swing sequences that the full
extension is achieved at a different point past impact.  Top left is the
sequence that matches On-Top golfers like Peter Senior.  Above right is
a sequence that matches Side-On golfers like Tiger Woods, and left is a
sequence that matches Under golfers like Hunter Mahan.  Which one
does your body own?
(Left) What's your top of the backswing
Swing track?  Some golfers are built to
swing the club up to the top with a more
upright alignment and some with a
flatter alignment. If the lead arm is
through the shoulder line it is perfect
Mid-Track.  The more upright it is the
more High-Track it becomes, the more
below the shoulder line the more
Low-Track it becomes Do you know
which one your body owns?
Some Golf Magazine Contributions:
May through October E.A. Tischler is the Director of Instruction at Olympia Fields Country Club, south of Chicago.
If you would like to book private lessons or a private group lesson package please email E.A. Tischler with your requests:
June 2018

Stroke Saving Golf School.  
$600 per Student -
Friday June - TBA
Limited 6 Students.
Olympia Fields CC

Owning Your Swing School.  
$750 per Student -
Saturday June - TBA
Limited 6 Students.
Olympia Fields CC

BioSwing Dynamics Level One
1-Day Accreditation Course
Olympia Fields CC
$495 per Instructor
Monday February - TBA

BioSwing Dynamics Level Two
1-Day Accreditation Course
Olympia Fields CC  
$495 per Instructor
September - TBA
March 2018

Owning Your Swing School
Friday March 16th 2pm-6pm
San Juan Oaks Golf Club
$450 per student
Limited to 5 Students

BioSwing Dynamics
1-Day Accreditation Course
Covering Levels 1 & 2
$475 per Instructor
Monday March 19th
San Juan Oaks Golf Club
Hollister, CA

(The above Accreditation Course is an
overview course that will cover all the
topics that we test for in both Level 1 &
Level 2 of the Certification process.  Those
ready to take the written tests will be given
a take home test to be returned by either
mail or email.)
April 2018

BioSwing Dynamics Level One
1-Day Accreditation Course
$475 per Instructor
Monday April 9th
Olympia Fields CC

BioSwing Dynamics Level Two
1-Day Accreditation Course  
$475 per Instructor
Tuesday April 10th
Olympia Fields CC

If you want to sigh-up for both April
9th and 10th BioSwing Dynamics
Accreditation Courses uses the
PayPal Button below.

Owning Your Swing School
Saturday April 14th 2pm-6pm
San Juan Oaks Golf Club
$450 per student
Limited to 5 Students
May 2018

Stroke Saving Golf School
(Around the Green & Wedge Play)  
Friday May 18th - 1pm-5pm
Olympia Fields CC
$400 per Student
Limited to 6 Students

Owning Your Swing School
Saturday May 19th 1pm-5pm
Olympia Fields CC
$400 per student
Limited to 6 Students
1-Day Certification Courses
These courses are designed as continued education
training for instructors involved in the BioSwing Dynamics
certification process.  To get certified Instructors are
required to attend at least 3 courses - a combination of
Major Educational events, 2-Day Workshops and 1-Day
Certification Courses.  To be certified you will have to
attend an event that offers testing.  The testing process
involves both a written test and demonstration of skills.
Stroke Saving Golf Schools
These schools are designed for students looking to develop
a short game method that will hold up under pressure.  The
school will cover Putting, getting Up-n-Down from around
the green, and Wedge Play.  Students are introduced to a
variety of techniques used by some of the best tour players
in the game.  The goal is to identify a technique that each
student feels is easy to reproduce consistently.  Then we
focus on mastering that technique throughout all shots.
Owning Your Swing Golf Schools
These schools are designed for students looking to develop
a swing that is customized for their unique body type.  
Students are screened so that we understand both their
unique biomechanical design and their dynamic patterns.  
Students are coached to swing in a manner that is most
efficient for their bodies.  This makes the game more
effortless, more consistent and reduces the chance of
injury; all leading to greater performance and longevity.
Become A New Horizons' Golfer
Over the past few years E.A. Tischler has had numerous requests to create an annual membership plan in order to help golfers that are unable to visit him in
person for private lessons.  He is working on developing a member based website that will allow golfers to work their way through Owning their swings and
their games.  In the meantime, E.A. has decided to offer a Membership which involves a one time fee and closed group on Facebook inwhich only members
are able to see the videos and posts that discuss the topics that members are interested in discussing.  E.A. has also invited fellow instructors to the group
to help in the discussions.  On a monthly basis he will provide a minimum of 4 instructional videos to the membership.  He will also accept requests for
specific topics and will create videos to address those requests once a minimum number of students have requested similar videos.

Going forward E.A. will limit the types of videos he provides on his YouTube Channel so that the quality of the product that the Membership receives will be
fresh and more in depth than those an his YouTube channel.  In the past he has provided to the public a lot of in-depth videos on that channel.  Many of
those will become unlisted and will only be available to members.  He will provide links to those unlisted videos for his membership on an annual basis.  The
membership cost is $150.00 and will include one ebook of your choice.  If the email address you prefer to use for your membership is different than the one
used for PayPal please email E.A. Tischler at and inform him of your payment, with transaction number, and the email you
prefer to be used.  At the same time provide your selection for the ebook you would like sent to you as part of your membership.  Once you pay for your
membership through PayPal, please log onto Facebook and request to join New Horizons Golfer group.  Search New Horizons Golfer inside Facebook to find
the page.  
New Horizons' Golfer Membership
Above: Under Golfers Rotate-In-Posture
until the swing reaches the full extension.  
Notice how the head rotates in a relatively
stationary location.
Above: Side-On Golfers posture-up through
impact into the full extension and follow-through.
Notice how the head moves upward from impact
more than the under golfer.
Above: On-Top Golfers posture-up well
before impact and achieve extension much
earlier.  Notice how the head is moving
upward, even more than the Side-On golfer.
Above: DTL view of the On-Top golfer
posturing up.  Notice how much the
head has moved as the club swing past
the extension point.
Secrets Of Owning Your Swing Book Series:
Enjoy a Full Color ebooks.  Most ebooks are black & white.  However by purchasing
directly from E.A. Tischler you can receive most of his books in Full Color ebook.  We
are sure you will enjoy the information along with the presentations in these full color
ebooks.  Ebooks are emailed within 48 hours of purchase.
"EA Tischler is one of the brightest minds in golf.  He is a fantastic
teacher and his book "Secrets Of Owning Your Swing" is genius.  
First there was "The Golfing Machine," then "the LAW's of the Golf
Swing," then "The Plane Truth for Golfer's" and now you have
"Secrets Of Owning Your Swing." This book compliments the others
and  moves full swing instruction forward.  It is a must read for any
serious golfer."
 Mike Adams - Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher and Golf Digest
Top 50 Teacher

Mike Adams
For more detailed information about the certification
process click on the bioSwing Dynamics logo above.
BioSwing Dynamics bridges the gaps between teaching, coaching and
science. It takes the guesswork out of determining how a golfer should
optimally swing. It allows us to bring efficiency of motion in an injury-free
environment to the students’ golf swing.”  Mike Adams

BioSwing Dynamics is an approach to learning and coaching golf that was founded by Mike Adams and
E.A. Tischler.   Though they founded the approach they have also made it their commitment to work with
many of the leading coaches, instructors, scientists, biomechanists, fitness experts, and doctors that
use their expertise to help us all better understand the truth about what works, why it works and which
golfers it best fits.  With over 30 years of research each, Mike and E.A. have identified 12 structural
influences that help identify why golfers have unique and specific patterns within their swing
techniques.  Beyond the structural influences they have also identified a variety of dynamic patterns and
have been categorizing which patterns best fit each golfer.  Though BioSwing Dynamics also
acknowledges issues of functionality within biomechanics we typically differ to those fitness experts that
we have partnered with to deal with functional issues.

Throughout their careers both Mike Adams and E.A. Tischler have worked with Medical Experts,
Physicists, Biomechanists and Fitness Experts to help understand which patterns are valid and which
ones failed to stand up to scientific review.  With their help we strive to provide the best possible
information with regard to the patterns we have identified.  With our ongoing research we do our best to
describe the tendencies we recognize as well as the information we can definitively state as true.  
Rope training has been around for many years, however E.A. Tischler
has developed customized ropes and training exercises to help
develop more clubhead speed as well as core conditioning.  The
basic rope swinging exercise was featured in Golf Magazine (as seen
above), however to really get the most out of rope training you find
the customized ropes and training exercises developed by E.A. will
help reach your goals.  

There are two basic types of rope training exercises. The first type is
speed training - and as the title suggestions the goal is to develop
more speed in your golf swing.  The second type is core training -
which has two goals.  The first is to develop core conditioning and
the second is to learn to apply force better.  When your force
applications improve you will find that your swing produces more
transferable power.   By training with both Speed and Core Training
you will have twice the opportunity to improve the distance of your
stock shots.
If you are interested in developing more speed, a stronger core, and
greater distance with your stock shots you can purchase customized
ropes below.  Tisch's Training Ropes are customized for each golfer.  
In order to build the rope specifically for you all we need to know is
your height and your average 7-iron Carry Distance.  The ropes also
work for juniors, all we need to know is the juniors height and age
group 9-12 or 13-17(Junior Ropes $75.00 each - shipping included).  
For Juniors we start with a Speed Rope only.  Ideally each golfer
needs both a Speed Rope and a Core Rope, however to begin with it
is also alright to begin with only a Speed Rope.  The ropes cost .
$84.00 each and include shipping inside the United States of America.  
If you purchase a Speed Rope plus Core Rope set the cost is $154.00
(saving you shipping on the second rope).  Along with the purchase
of the ropes you will be emailed links to instructional videos
regarding the use of the ropes.  

For international sales please email your request for an invoice with
updated shipping cost.
Speed Rope
Core Rope
Speed -Core
Rope Set
November through April E.A. Tischler offers private lessons by appointment only at San Juan Oaks GC, Northern CA.
If you would like to book private lessons or a private group lesson package please email E.A. Tischler with your requests:
Upcoming Schedule for 2018
Above: Side-On golfer playing a Clip Shot.  Notice how
her head rotates with the stroke.  That is a common
characteristic in Side-On golf strokes.
Above & Left: Performing a Shoulder-Plane,
Under Swing Path, with Counter-Extension
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page for information on these coaches and others.
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Focus On Golf as a package.
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