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EA Tischler is a Professional Golf Coach and Author. He is currently a Golf
Magazine Top 100 Instructor and has been voted one of the Top Instructors in
Illinois by Golf Digest.  During his career he has self published 28 golf instructional
books, was a contributing writer to the Golf Magazine Best Driving Instruction
Book Ever (see chapter 4).  Additionally as a player he has won over 30
professional tournaments, set over fifteen course records, made eight
hole-in-ones, and 2 double eagles.  By many he is thought of as the "Pro's-Pro,"
because he many touring professionals he has coached and instructors that he
continues to mentor.

In his search for knowledge and understanding, EA has sought out numerous instructors. His
primary coach is Fred Shoemaker, who owns and operates The School for Extraordinary Golf and
authored Extraordinary Golf - The Art of the Possible. Fred's mentors include Michael Murphy,
author of Golf in the Kingdom, and Timothy Gallwey, author of the Inner Game of Golf.

EA's helped many professionals attain their tour cards on the Asian Tour, CanadienTour, (Nationwide) Tour, Japan Golf Tours, Symmetra (Futures) Tour, and the PGA Tour.
These players have proven themselves by winning on each tour as they've progressed in their
careers. EA has had the pleasure of coaching over the United States, Asia and the Pacific Rim,
Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Makau, China, Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska, California, Arizona, New York,
New Jersey, Maryland, Minnesota, Ohio, and Nevada are among the places EA has traveled to

EA grew up in California's San Francisco Bay Area. EA attended U.C. San Diego where he
pursued degrees in Philosophy & Economics as well as an area of concentration in Psychology.
He was the golf team captain and athletic council representative. He finished his college career as
the #1 player on the team.  In 1989 began his professional coaching career. In 1991 he began
playing part-time on the Golden State Tour. During that period he honed his game to a +4.5
handicap. Then in 1992 he was injured and unable to play for four years.  At that time he focused
all of his attention on his approach to the game and how he could best coach aspiring golfers.  In
1994 he finished organizing his studies into the New Horizons Golf Approach and at which point he
started self-publishing books to help explain that approach.  He continues to seek out more
productive ways of coaching. Indeed. He's always got an ear and a perspective for inquiring
golfers and he strives to help all his students reach their true potential.
New Horizons Golf Approach
I n n o v a t i v e  C o a c h i n g  F o r  G o l f e r s

If you have any questions regarding New Horizons Golf Approach please contact
EA Tischler at (408)203-7599, or email your questions to EA Tischler at
Edward A. Tischler II
Golf Accomplishments and History

-Won a Long Drive contest with a 311 yard drive at the age of 13 years old.
-EA has been in the golf industry since the age of 13 when he began working for Golf Cart West
assembling golf carts during the summer months and on weekends.  He has worked as a range boy, cart
attendant, part of the maintenance crew, golf shop assistant and sales person, golf shop manager,
Assistant General Manager of Tecolote Canyon Golf Course, Head Teaching Professional and Director of
Instruction at a variety of golf facilities, Golf Ball Recovery (His first business was EA's Golf Ball Recovery
Service), Bar Manager at Chula Vista GC, and as organized a variety of junior golf programs.
-EA's coaching education is largely influenced by Fred Shoemaker (Head Instructor of the Inner Game of
Golf Schools, with Timothy Gallwey (author of the Inner Game of Golf): and teacher of the Golf in the
Kingdom workshops, of Michael Murphy's Golf in the Kingdom at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California -
Studied, awareness, attention, concentration, mind management, and ball striking skills under Fred's
Coaching.) Fred also develop Extraordinary Golf Schools.
-Qualified as the number one player on the UCSD Golf Team and averaged 17
greens in regulation, 37 putts, and 72.5 strokes per round for over 200 rounds of golf.
Qualified for the NCAA Division III National Golf Championships and finished
second in the East-West Match which plays the best of the East against the best
of the West.
-Hosted Hawaii's First Golf Talk Radio Show with Rick Hamada and Ed Kageyama
-Golf Digest – Best Teachers in the State of Hawaii award August 2000.
-Joined Stardust Country Club in San Diego and shared the low handicap honors
with Phil Mickelson (We both played to +4.5 handicaps - average score 67)
-Invented a variety of training aids and patented the Fore54Golf Sure-Stroke Putting Trainer.

EA has carded 9 hole-in-ones & two double eagles:
-Made first Hole-9n-One at Sharon Heights C.C. (175 yards )
-Made 2nd Hole-in-One Presidio G.C. (107 yards)
-Made 3rd hole-in-one Ko’olau Golf Club fourth hole 165 yards.
-Made 4th hole-in-one Makena Golf Club (South Course), 149 yards,13th hole
5th Hole-in-One on the fourth hole of Mid-Pac Country Club (162 yards).
-Made 6th Hole-in-One on the 6th hole of Coral Creek Golf Course (176 yds).
-Made 7th Hole-In-One on the seventh hole of Silver Creek CC
-Made 8th Hole-In-One on the 11th hole Mid-Pac Country Club
-Made first Double Eagle on the 9th hole at Waialae Country Club, 260
yards, 1 iron.
-Made 2nd Double Eagle in a Pepsi Tour Event while shooting 64 and winning the tournament at Mickie
Grove GC in Stockton, 180yds
-Made 9th Hole-In-One on the 7th hole Ravisloe Country Club (200yds).

EA has set a variety of course records:
-1st course record at Sunken Gardens Executive 9-hole golf
course with 2 eagles, 5 birdies, & 2 pars shooting 9-under at the age of 16 years old.
-61 Cottonwood CC, 61 Ewa Beach Golf Club, 61 Seascape Golf Club, 67 then 64 then 62 Coral Creek
GC (Tournament Tees), 65 then 63 Coral Creek GC (Blue Tees), 63 Spyglass Hill GC, 64 Carlton Oaks
GC, 64 Carmel Highlands GC, 64 Hawaii Prince GC, 64 Spanish Bay GC, 66 Paydra Indra CC (Thailand),
67 Cordevalle CC, 67 Turtle Bay GC, 68 Agile CC (China), 69 Ko Olau GC (shared with Dean Wilson and
Lance Suzuki, from the tips), 69 San Juan Oaks GC, 70 Moose Run GC.  62 Olympia Fields CC (Blue
Tees). A variety of these have been since beaten.
EA Tischler - Founder New Horizons Golf Approach
EA Tischler presently spend
the summer golf season as
the Director of Instruction for
Olympia Fields CC outside of
Chicago, IL.  He is available
for instruction from May-Oct
at Olympia Fields CC.
Power-of-3 Golf Biomechanics System, the
Fore54 Scoring Systems and Co-Founder of
BioSwing Dynamics!
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