Finishing Your Swing by EA Tischler
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This sequence picture
(left) demonstrates the
swing-back swing-thru
exercise in full motion.
The three pictures to the right demonstrate
the basic exercise for finding your finish.  
(Step One)  Stand facing a target or mirror.  
(Step Two) Kick your right foot (left for left
handers) back so your thighs are even with
each other and your are resting the right
foot on the toe of your shoe.  Then squeeze
your knees together.  (Step Three) Finish off
the exercise by taking hold of the club with
both hands and pointing the club at your
target as shown.
New Horizons Golf Approach
I n n o v a t i v e  C o a c h i n g  F o r  G o l f e r s
Study this sequence
to get a feel of how to
swing back-n-thru in
one continuous

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Pivot to the Finish!
As I mentioned earlier, the swing is the motion that connects your set-up to your finish
position.  The question is, where should we begin?  Traditionally we begin the quest by
undertaking a sound grip and a fundamental address position.  I believe we should start with
the finish.  

Before you can build a sound address position, you must understand what that position is
preparing you to do.  Of course we know we must play the shot to the target, and to do this we
must follow-through to our target and finish off our swing.  So, the address position prepares
you to swing and finish in a target-oriented manner.  

One of the best ways of ensuring your shots will be target-oriented is to make sure your finish
is targeted.  If you understand how a target-oriented finish looks and feels, then you will find a
way to address the ball so that you can swing to the target-oriented finish.  This is the main
reason I believe we should develop our full swing by beginning with the finish.

Let’s delve into this process a little more. The finish is the culmination of the swing, and the
sum total of the entire swing sequence.  Since the finish is the product of the total swing
sequence, you can blend together all the fundamentals of the full swing by focusing your
attention on finishing properly.  In this way the finish is the final destination of the swing, and
the beginning of your focal process.  

By focusing on the finish, you give your swing purpose beyond merely contacting the ball.   As
you remain committed to your newly acquired purpose, all the forces of your swing will begin
to work together.  As these forces work together, the swing's activity will become more
synchronized.  They will also feel more natural.  As you focus on swinging to a target-oriented
finish, you will find your shots being targeted as well.

This becomes a powerful aiming tool.  Because, as long as you swing to a well targeted
finish, you will be targeting your shots well.  Once you know this process, you will be able to
find your address position more naturally.  As a matter of fact, you will instinctively address
the ball in what ever way will allow you to finish in a target-oriented manner.  This is much
like a baseball player does when they are getting ready to throw a ball.  The baseball player
does not think about how to stand.  He merely prepares himself so he can throw the ball to
his target.  He prepares himself to follow-through to his target.  Therefore, the process of
taking up your address position should be a reaction of how you want to follow-through to
your target.  

Since the finish is the sum total of every moment of the swing, the quality of each individual
moment will be expressed in the quality of the finish.  If tension exists in the swing, there will
be tension in the finish.  If the swing is out of balance, the finish will be out of balance.   If
timing is off, then the body will be misaligned in the finish.  However, if the swing is balanced,
relaxed, effortless, and well timed, you will finish your swing properly.   Conversely, by
focusing on finishing the swing properly you can perform the proper fundamentals naturally.  
You can perform the fundamentals without dissecting each one individually.   

If we are going to have a fundamentally sound finish, then we must understand the
fundamentals we are trying to achieve in the finish.  Remember earlier that I described the
finish as completing the body motions.  Therefore, we should first understand what body
motions are fundamental to a good golf swing.  So, by finishing off the basic body motions,
we will establish the basic finish.  

There are two basic body motions in the golf swing.  They are rotating the body, and shifting
the weight.  The combined effort of these actions is called the pivot.  So, the fundamental
concern with regard to completing the body motions is that of pivoting to the finish.  If all the
forces of the pivot are directed to the target, then all parts of the body will finish aligned
toward the target.  This means that once you reach your finish, your face, chest, stomach, and
knees should all be facing your target.  Also, if you are going to transfer all your weight
through the ball and out to your target, then all your weight must reach the forward foot by the
end of the finish.  

Thus the basic finishing action is that of shifting your weight completely onto your forward
foot, while at the same time completing your body’s turn so that you are facing your target

Now that we understand the basic finish position, let’s complete the process by
understanding what other qualities make a good golf swing.  We all want our swings to be in
balance, we want them to be relaxed, and we want them to be as effortless as possible.  I
believe the key feeling here is effortlessness, because if you want your swing to feel
effortless, then all parts of your body must be well balanced and relaxed.  

Thus, the proper finish is well balanced, effortless, and relaxed.  The body stands tall and
natural.  All the weight is on your forward foot, and your body is aligned directly toward the

You should spend considerable time learning how to produce the proper finish.  Since the
finish is a static position, it can be worked on and developed quite easily.  Again, without this
foundation, your swing will have no purpose beyond contacting the ball.  As a result you will
fail to complete your swing, and will never transfer your energy through the target.  

So, finishing the swing is imperative.  To the beginner it's the most important full swing
fundamental, and to the advanced player it's the foundation of his long game.  Therefore, you
would be wise to practice your finish on a regular basis, no matter what level of achievement
you have reached.  

varying positions of the full follow-thru and finish.  The top picture shows the full
follow-thru.  This position is often described as being the full finish.  However, we
do not actually finish in this position.  

From the full follow-thru the swing recoils in such a way the the arms and club
begin to return to a relaxed and balanced position in front of the body.   The picture
that is second from the top was taken as my arms and body began the recoil action
toward my final finish position.  

The third picture from the top shows my arms and body as they complete the
recoil action.  At this point my body is facing directly at my target.  

The bottom picture was taken at a golf tournament as I finished off my drive.  It
once again shows a fully recoiled finish position. Notice the straight alignment
through my body and the relaxed balance.
The photos organized below show a variety of ways to train your finish as well as swinging to
the finish.  I encourage every golfer to spend considerable time training the finish position
]and the motion of swinging through to the finish.  Rehearse your finish often.  Rehearse it
before ever full shot you play on the course if you feel it helps you finish each swing toward
your intended target.
 EA Tischler
The four pictures above demonstrate what I call the pivot-n-finish drill.  (Step One)  
Stand up and hold the club centered in front of you at waist-high.  (Step Two) Pivot
everything together around your left leg (right leg for left handers) until you are facing
90 degrees from where you started.  Notice how my arms and club are still centered in
front of my body.  (Step Three) Follow-thru up over your left shoulder (right shoulder
for left handers).  Then add a little extra rotation to stretch your pivot action.  (Step
Four) Return the club in front of your body in a centered manner.  This is your final
finish position.  I last note, as I finish off the follow-thru and return to the finish I want
to feel my knees or thighs squeeze together.
The four pictures above demonstrate what I call the swing-back swing-finish
(Step One)  Steat in your finish position.  I recommend you perform the
pivot-n-finish drill to find your finish.  
(Step Two) From your finish position
swing directly back into the top of your backswing position.  Pause there for a
second or two.  
(Step Three)  Swing thru to a full follow-thru and pause there
for a second.  
(Step Four) Recoil into your final finish position.  Repeat
theswing-back  swing-thru action three times, then start over.
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