New Horizons Golf Approach
I n n o v a t i v e  C o a c h i n g  F o r  G o l f e r s

If you have any questions regarding New Horizons Golf Approach please contact
EA Tischler at (408)203-7599, or email your questions to EA Tischler

If you interested in Private Lessons with E.A. Tischler please
email your requests to him at
E.A. Tischler offers private lessons at Olympia
Fields CC south of Chicago from April through
November, as well as some select weekends during
the Winter months.  November-April he is available
for private workshops in Northern California.  
Private Lesson Fees:
$350/hour, $650/2-hours,

Group Lesson Fess:
$500/hour 2-4 students

Daily Rate:
(plus travel expenses if applicable)
Also check-out the E.A. Tischler - Making Your Golf Simple App:  
Coming Soon: Available on Apple and Android devices the app
provides guidance for establishing a Sound Foundation through a
series of videos dedicated to Core Essentials, Cornerstones, The
Fundamentals, Understanding Your Lefts & Rights, Power Stacking
and much more.  Within the App is a forum, Swing Locker, and the
ability to purchase on-line swing assessments at a discounted rate.  
With the App you will find all you need to establish a Fundamentally
Sound foundation for you game and the guidance to help you
maintain those skills.
During Private Lessons with E.A. Tischler you receive comprehensive
coaching.  Coaching designed to help you reach your goals with your
particular needs in mind.  From Short Game to Long Game, Beginner to
Tour Professionals, E.A. Coaches all golfers as individuals.  He also
covers all aspects of the game, Physical, Mental & Inner.  When
addressing the physical skills he uses knowledge from the Fundamentals,
Biomechanics, and has studied most every system and model.  With every
lesson you leave with a ton of video to review and study when you return
home to work on your game.
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