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I n n o v a t i v e  C o a c h i n g  F o r  G o l f e r s

If you have any questions regarding New Horizons Golf Approach please contact
EA Tischler at (408)203-7599, or email your questions to EA Tischler

If you interested in Private Lessons with E.A. Tischler please
email your requests to him at
E.A. Tischler offers private lessons at Olympia
Fields CC south of Chicago from April through
November, as well as some select weekends during
the Winter months.  November-April he is available
for private workshops in Northern California.  
Private Lesson Fees:
$350/hour, $650/2-hours,

Group Lesson Fess:
$500/hour 2-4 students

Daily Rate:
$3500 (plus travel expenses if applicable)
Also check-out the E.A. Tischler - Making Your Golf Simple App:  
The App is available on Apple and Android devices the app provides
guidance for establishing a Sound Foundation through a series of
videos dedicated to Core Essentials, Cornerstones, The
Fundamentals, Understanding Your Lefts & Rights, Power Stacking
and much more.  Within the App is a forum, Swing Locker, and the
ability to purchase on-line swing assessments at a discounted rate.  
With the App you will find all you need to establish a Fundamentally
Sound foundation for you game and the guidance to help you
maintain those skills.
During Private Lessons with E.A. Tischler you receive comprehensive
coaching.  Coaching designed to help you reach your goals with your
particular needs in mind.  From Short Game to Long Game, Beginner to
Tour Professionals, E.A. Coaches all golfers as individuals.  He also
covers all aspects of the game, Physical, Mental & Inner.  When
addressing the physical skills he uses knowledge from the Fundamentals,
Biomechanics, and has studied most every system and model.  With every
lesson you leave with a ton of video to review and study when you return
home to work on your game.
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"E.A. has been my coach for several years and from the beginning I knew I found the absolute best golf
instructor in the golf coaching industry. My handicap index started at 20+ and over time reduced to a 1.9
under his coaching. Through his coaching I learned that my best swing was a swing that fit my body
mechanics.  Beyond that he helped me understand that to play my best golf I had to develop a METHOD
OF PLAY that was unique to me, one that I could commit to and stick with until I mastered my best way
to play. Without E.A. as my coach, I would have been like most amateur golfers, chasing tips and not
truly understanding what works best for me. E.A. never cease to amaze me after all these years with his
detailed knowledge and special way he brings out the best in me.  I highly recommend his New Horizons
Golf Approach and I know that by using his Making Your Golf Simple App you will be well on your way
to play your best golf!"

Robert Jackson (Santa Clara, CA)
E.A. Tischler is by far the best golf instructor I’ve worked with in my golf career of nearly 50 years. Just
recently I won the Kankakee County Senior Amateur Championship by 4 shots. My goal for the next 12
months is to shoot my age of 68. I’m 100% confident this will happen with EA’s coaching. You owe it to
yourself to take just one lesson with EA and you will immediately find his approach to instruction is
unlike any other. Unlike many others that teach all players with the same approach, EA truly adapts his
instruction to your body type and tendencies.  If you are unable to meet up with EA in person, I’m sure
you will find his Making Your Golf Simple App a great place to start.

Niles Crum (Kankakee, Illinois)
“While working with E.A. Tischler over the past 6+ years his Approach
has helped me finish 4th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st on the Champions Tour with
11 wins in total.  In my opinion E.A. is one of the best coaches in the
game and I’m sure his Approach and App will help you learn to play
your best golf as well!”
Scott McCarron (PGA Tour Champions Player)
“E.A. Tischler is a world-class swing instructor, and I am thankful for the knowledge and guidance that
he has given me over the years! Just when I thought that I knew a lot about the golf swing, along came
EA to help me to continue to grow as both a professional golfer and as a coach. EA is simply one of the
most knowledgeable and effective instructors in the game today!”
Mike Small (University of Illinois Men's Golf Coach)
Working with E.A. Tischler, I’ve learned effortless power, taken stress off chronically
sore and aching joints, and learned how to right the ship in the middle of a round.  His
New Horizons Golf Approach has simplified the game for me.  By understanding the
true cause and effect for each shot and understanding what game plan works best for
my own game, I’ve learned to play the best golf of my life.  The most amazing thing is
that as a golfer that has played golf for over 40 years he’s helped me work through
persistent issues that no one else has been able to solve.  The bottom line, the game
is more fun and my scores are lower.
Jim Mulcahy (Southern Pines, NC)
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