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New Horizons Golf encourages a holistic approach to training each
game, physical, mental, and inner.  While cultivating these three
aspects of the game, we believe each golfer has the best chance of
developing a complete game.

Think of it this way, if you are concerned with becoming a better
golfer, you are interested in learning more, enjoying yourself more,
and becoming a better performer.  This is because, learning,
enjoyment, and performance combine to make golf's triangle of
experience, while the physical, mental, and inner aspects of the
game define the parameters of the experience.

As far as performance, enjoyment, and learning are concerned,
performance relates to the physical parameters of the game.  In
this respect playing the game is very physical.

Enjoyment on the other hand relates to the mental parameters of
the game.  This is because, how much we enjoy the game is a
function of our attitude, our expectations, and our perceptions.  All
of which are mental aspects of life.  

Learning relates to the inner qualities of the game.  Learning
involves awareness, paying attention, internalization, and
perseverance.  All of which work together to develop our habits,
and these faculties are inner in nature.  As they interact they
combine to create your underlined disposition. The disposition from
which both enjoyment and performance are influenced.

While developing the physical aspects of the game, the New
Horizons Approach considers how each golfer's unique body type
influences the swing.  Knowing your body type helps you understand
the style of swing that fits you most naturally.  Over the years, it
has become quite apparent that the more naturally your swing
technique matches your body type, the more heightened your level
of performance.

While refining the mental aspects of the game, the New Horizons
Approach encourages you to establish realistic goals.  It also helps
you learn how to minimize expectations.  Keep in mind, golfers who
minimize expectations, while diligently working toward realistic
goals, discover higher levels of enjoyment.

While cultivating the inner aspects of the game, the New Horizons
Approach encourages you to keep your focus present to the task at
hand.  Golfers who keep their focus more present understand the
reality of their games.  This means, they understand what really
works and what doesn't work.

"EA Tischler is not only a golf instructor he is a true student of the game and
of life. He uses all aspects of human interaction from philosophy to physics,
psychology to kinesiology, as well as mechanics to metaphysics in his
approach to golf. His ability to see the untapped potential of individuals
is unique. It reminds me of the teachings of Bruce Lee.  Both men
express the true posture of living life as an awakened person."

Tak Kondo
San Francisco, CA
The New Horizons Golf Approach is committed to
helping each golfer develop a method of play that
suits their own unique needs. You can learn to own
your game with the New Horizons Golf Approach.
The Way Of The Golfer!
New Horizons Golf Approach
I n n o v a t i v e  C o a c h i n g  F o r  G o l f e r s

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The Approach

New Horizons Golf encourages golfers to be concerned
with maintaining their fitness and health.  Therefore the New
Horizons Golf Approach recommends you become involved
in fitness programs that help you maintain your
strength, flexibility, and endurance levels.  

Core training,Yoga, Pilates, circuit training, aerobic training,
postural training, T'ai Chi, and swimming are among the list of
activities that the New Horizons Golf Approach recommends.

Core strength, postural conditioning, and flexibility top the list of
importance in golf fitness training.  These concerns help
develop a foundation for injury prevention.  

Circuit training, aerobic training, and cardiovascular training
help promote greater endurance and longevity.  While strength
training is mainly concerned with playing more powerful golf.

Overall fitness is balanced with a healthy diet.  By eating
healthier foods and by drinking more water your body will feel
more energetic, recover fast, and be able to play longer.
"After meeting EA in '94, I was impressed at how
much information he possessed. His philosophy
on the golf swing is simple yet effective and his
mental approach unmatched. After reading "New
Horizons Golf-A Physical, Mental, and Inner
Renaissance" it has not only reinforced what I
have learned but has opened New Horizons to
the constant search for perfection. I cannot
praise him enough and recommend his books
and teaching to golfers of all levels."

Royden Heirakuji
Maui, Hawaii
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game.  One chapter is dedicated to Fred
Shoemaker's Extraordinary Golf - The Art
of The Possible, one is dedicated to
Michael Murphy's Golf In The Kingdom and
one to the New Horizons Golf Approach
Inner Game concepts.
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