Developing Your Fundamentals

As you begin your stage one journey we recommend you start by studying the topic of Playing Naturally.  Click on
Natural-Play icon above to begin your journey.  

Once you have a good understanding of the New Horizons Golf Approach concept of playing naturally, proceed to
studying the Fundamentals.  When you click on the
Fundamentals icon you will find an overview what EA Tischler
considers the game's true fundamentals.  You will also find an overview of what he calls the Golfer's Story.  Once
you have become familiar with these topics you can visit 5 web pages dedicated to each of the Five New Horizons
Golf Approach Fundamentals.  Study each of the pages dedicated to the New Horizons Golf Approach
fundamentals.  Acquiring a command of these recommended fundamentals is a critical part of playing the type of
golf you want to play.  Keep in mind that these fundamentals are the cornerstones of a consistent game of golf.  

We also want to note the five fundamentals of the New Horizons Golf Approach are what we call the true
fundamentals.  This means the are pertinent to all golfers.  Whether the golfers uses a "hitting" action, a "throwing"
action, or a "swinging" action is unimportant.  Whether the golfer uses Ben Hogan's technique, Sam Snead's
technique, Byron Nelson's technique, is unimportant.  Whether the golfer is taught by Hank Haney, Butch Harmon,
David Leadbetter, Rick Smith, or any other teacher is unimportant.  The fundamentals are fundamental for all

This brings me to the discussion of
Imperatives, Fundamentals, and Essentials.  I believe understanding these
topics is crucial to learning the game.  This is mainly because the terms are often used by teachers and golfers and
used in correctly.  Using them incorrectly creates confusion and prolongs the learning process.  

Let's take Imperatives for example.  What sort of things are imperative to the game of golf and playing the game of
golf.  (#1)  It is imperative we hold the golf club.  (#2) It is imperative we perform an intended stroke - the rules say
so.  You must intend to play as shot and you must make an intended stroke. (#3) It is imperative you hole the ball
on each hole - at least in stroke play.  These are a few of the examples of true golfing imperatives.  They are
imperative because the game of golf requires them, even if the game is being played poorly.  Every golfer, with
accomplished, beginner, or in between, must adhere to the imperatives.  

So what are the Fundamentals?  Since the fundamentals pertain to all golfers, what differentiates a fundamental
from an imperative.  The fundamentals are determined by what all golfers want to accomplish while playing the
game under the established rules.  Thus, the fundamentals relate  to the manner in which all golfers strive to
accomplish the goals of the game, namely scoring as low as one can each an every time they play the game.  This
means the fundamentals are related to the golfer's goals while playing golf as well as related to how the golfer will
accomplish the basic goal of the game.  The imperatives relate to the parameters of the game established by the
rules of the game.  While striving to score as low as possible, golfers want to produce accurate golf shots, with the
correct about of power, while doing so with the proper feel.  If they leave one of these qualities out of the
performance golfers are unhappy with the process.  

Once again the New Horizons Fundamentals are what we call the true fundamentals.  They are fundamental to all
styles, methods, techniques, and systems.  People often say, "Oh, the five fundamentals, like Hogan's
Fundamentals?"  Hogan's book was Five Lessons The Modern Fundamentals of Golf and he states that each
lesson has more than one fundamental involved.  So Hogan's system has at least 10 fundamental principles in his
view.  In reality most of what Hogan called fundamental was essential to his method of swinging the golf club.  Next
we will discuss why this is!

Now, how about Essentials?  An essential is something particular to the individuals way of playing the game.  
Bobby Jones wrote about "The Jone's Way,"  and Jack Nicklaus wrote about "Golf My Way."   They both
understood there was a sense of individuality in the strokes of great golfers.  This individuality is what defines what
is essential.  What many great teachers call fundamental is actually essential to their teaching therefore they view it
as fundamental.  Remember, fundamentals are pertinent to all golfers who strive to play with the qualities of
accuracy, power, and feel involved.  Let's give some examples of essentials.  Many teachers say it is fundamental
to keep the right knee flexed throughout the whole backstroke at the same angle it established at address.  
However many great players allow the leg to straighten in the backstroke and have played fundamentally sound
golf.  Thus if keeping the leg in a constant state of flex during the backstroke is important it is essential to the
particular method, style, technique, or system being promoted.  Many teachers say it is fundamental to shift the
weight to the right foot in the backstroke, however many great players achieve fundamentally sound strokes while
staying 50-50 with their weight during the backstroke.  Others actually load the left foot.  So where the weight loads
is a matter of what is essential to the method, style, technique, or system being promoted.  Therefore, essentials
are what make the individuals stroke work efficiently.

As you begin developing your fundamentals we recommend you use swing-sayings as an integral part of the
process.  Swing-sayings can help you become more reactive and athletic while playing your shots.  Golfers often
think too much and become paralyzed over the ball.  If you learn to use swing-sayings instead of swing thoughts
you will swing much more freely.  Click on the
Swing-sayings icon to learn more about using swing-sayings.  

For many recreational golfers learning to play golf athletically is an important part of developing the game's basic
skills.  To this end EA has dedicated an enter Pocket Coach book to the subject of playing athletic golf.  Click on
Athletic-Golf icon above to get a idea of the New Horizons Golf Approach concept of playing golf athletically.  

While developing their skills in a fundamentally sound manner golfers will learn to apply their skills in one of two
manners.  These two applications involve being an Arms-Player or a Body-Player.  Arms players focus mainly on
the arms, hands, and club motions while using the body to accommodate their actions.  Body Players use the body
to control the action and deliver the arms, hands, and club with the body directing the action.  In general terms,
Arms Players swing the club with the arms and hands in control, and Body Players swing the arms, hands, and club
with the body.  To learn more about the general applications for being an arms player click on the
above.  To learn more about the general applications for being a body player click on the Body-Player icon

The last icon related to Stage One training is that of developing the basic shots needed to play the game.  We need
to play putts, stroke saving shots, partial shots, full shots with irons, hybrids, and woods.  To learn more about the
basic shots, click on
The-Shots icon above.  Four of the Pocket Coach books in the New Horizons Golf Approach
Pocket Coach series are dedicated to playing the shots of the game.  They are also covered in
The Way of The
Golfer - Searching For New Horizons
, Golf-The Timeless Game, and New Horizons Golf - A Physical, Mental, and
Inner Renaissance
.  These three books as well as Pocket Coach volumes 1, 2, & 3 are dedicated to Stage One
training.  They all offer valuable insights into the process of play naturally, athletically, and in a fundamentally
sound manner.   
The Way Of The Golfer, Golf-The Timeless Game, and Pocket Coach volumes 1, 2, & 3 are all
great books for beginner to recreational golfers.  
New Horizons Golf - A Physical, Mental, and Inner Renaissance
is a more detailed book and is good for golfers that have already become accustomed to the fundamental process,
or for novice golfers that are more studious in nature.  Each of these books can be found on the publications page
of this website. On the right side of this web page are the cover pictures of the basic books related to Stage One
training.  Below each picture is an icon you can click on to view the Table of Contents, Prelude, Introduction, and/or
a sample of a chapter out of each book.  For a complete listing of all of the New Horizons Golf Approach books
published by EA Tischler, and for more details regarding purchasing these books please visit the Publications web
page by clicking on the
Publications icon.

On each of the pages related to Stage One training we will provide a list of books that relate more specifically to the
topics being discussed on that page.  Under each picture of the book cover you will be able to click on an icon that
allows you to learn more about the contents of each book.  

If you have any particular questions related to any of the topics you can e-mail them to EA Tischler.  The e-mail
address is  When you e-mail your question please include in your question that
you want more information relating to what you read on a specific web page or in a specific book.  This will help Ed
understand your question more clearly and will help him answer you question in a  timely and accurate a manner as
possible.  He receives tons of e-mails on at that e-mail address, including e-mails from students, seminar
participants, workshop participants, and professionals.

We hope you enjoy the process!!
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Players such as Bobby Jones, Jack
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emphasized getting back to the basics
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