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Prelude - Stacking For Powerful Golf
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This volume of the New Horizons Golf Approach Pocket Coach Series focuses on a process of using your whole
body to produce a powerful swing.  This process is called stacking, and it is based on the principle of establishing
a foundation for power upon which we stack additional power components.

As long as I can remember, I’ve always heard great players talk about power golf being played from the ground
up.  I’m sure most golfers have heard this statement as well, but what does it mean?

At face value, it alludes to the idea that footwork is very important to playing powerful golf.  Players like Bobby
Jones, Sam Snead, Jack Nicklaus, and Payne Stewart all had great footwork, and they all believed in playing golf
from the ground up.  Players such as Byron Nelson, Ben Hogan, and Tom Watson also believed in playing
powerful golf from the ground up.  Although the quality of their footwork may not seem as obvious, they too have
exceptional footwork.

In my research of the game’s great players, I found that most great players spent considerable time studying
footwork. George Knudson one of the best ball strikers of his day, believed that weight shift and footwork were
the founding actions of a fundamentally sound, and natural, golf swing.  He believed a sound swing would start
and finish in balance through proper footwork. So, for the purpose of this Pocket Coach, I am going to entertain
that powerful golf truly is played from the ground up, and this means we will build our swing’s power package by
first establishing our footwork.

Stacking is the process of establishing a basic power source, followed by adding an additional power source on
top of the foundation.  Then the next source of power is established and stacked on top of the first two sources.  
This process continues until all the power components are stacked on top of each other and linked together.

Since we will develop our power package from the ground up, and since our footwork is the ground floor of our
body actions, it makes sense that our footwork will be the foundation upon which we stack all other power
components.  As you stack one power source on top of another, always maintain the integrity of the existing
power sources. If any of the founding sources break down, then there is no sense stacking another on top.  The
only reason for stacking power sources is to link them together in an effort to produce additional power.

Adding one source and losing another is a wash, and in my opinion a waste of time.  It only makes sense if you
are doing it to change ball flight.  It doesn’t make sense if you want to produce additional power.  And since this
Pocket Coach is concerned with power stacking, we will focus on linking the power sources together.  So, as you
establish the foundation for power, make sure the foundation is structurally sound before stacking additional
power sources on top of the existing power source.

Before we get to the juicy stuff, I’d like to cover one more point.  Learning how to manage a structurally sound
power stacking process will allow you to apply power at will.  This will in turn help you manage the tightness of
your shot patterns when learning to maximize power.  When most people are concerned with playing powerful
shots, their accuracy suffers.  It suffers because the golfer tends to over extend the swing.  

Once over extended the swing loosens up. The result is an array of loose golf shots.  I believe every avid golfer
understands what I mean by over extending their swing.  Maybe you simply call it over swinging.  Maybe you call it
swinging too hard, or too long.  I also believe most golfers want to play powerfully with control.

Players who develop a structurally sound stacking process generate tremendous power while at the same time
playing accurate shots.  I’m sure you too will find that learning to stack your power sources properly will give you
the gift of applied power, plus accuracy.

So, whenever you find your game suffering a power shortage you can look to your stacking techniques to find the
source of leakage.  By reviewing the stacking process from the ground floor up you will be able to find the leak
and re-establish a power packed swing.

Finally, before we get started, I am going to describe all the physical actions in terms of being a right-sided
golfer.  I apologize to the left-handed golfer, but the condensed length of this Pocket Coach book makes it too
difficult to describe all actions from both sides of the ball.  
This is the table of contents from Stacking For Powerful Golf.  It
may give you some insights as to the topics covered in the New
Horizons Golf Approach Pocket Coach Volume Five.

Table Of Contents

Prelude - From The Ground Up

Part One – The Power Components

The Ground Floor
Knee Action
Hip Turn
Shoulder Coil
Widening The Arc

Part Two –  Progressive Stacking Routine

The Progressive Routine
Weight Shots
Squeeze-It Shots
Control Swing Shots
Coil Shots
Stretch It Out Shots
Your Method Of Play
Let’s Play Golf

Let’s Play G-O-L-F TM

Playing for a target score is only one way of implementing an on course strategy.  I believe to truly play the game
you cannot worry so much about your scoring strategy.  I think everyone is aware of how well they are scoring,
and they know they need to score as low as they can.  So, since the idea of scoring is always present you do not
need to focus on it.  Instead, focus on playing the game.

Truly playing the game involves feeling a game that fascinates you.  It involves striving to play the type of game
you usually dream of playing.  It’s about finding out your potential and
manifesting it in your play.  It’s about engaging yourself in the ongoing drama of sport.  It’s about absorbing
yourself into the possibility of expressing your true potential.  

It’s about
Gaming Out Life’s Fascinations.

So, when you walk out on the golf course, I’m inviting you to take the plunge, to go for it.  I’m inviting you to play
golf without putting so much emphasis on scoring low.  Win or lose, score low or high, enjoy the adventure, keep a
good attitude, and take something away from every round that makes you a more accomplished golfer.
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