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Prelude - Playing The Woods
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This volume of the New Horizons Golf Approach Pocket Coach Series focuses on developing the skills
necessary to use your woods.  Of course, all of the skills developed throughout this Pocket Coach
series have prepared you for playing your woods.  

There are a few differences between using your irons and using your woods, and I’d like to make
these distinctions very clear.  Without understanding these distinctions you are certain to be one
dimensional in your play, and your play will suffer because of it.   The theory one swing for every club
in the bag is a nice idea, however, the type of shots you want to play with your irons as compared to
your woods are very different.  And because of this the techniques used to play the shots must vary.
While learning these variations, we would like to maintain one swing style, however we will very the
power applications as well as the delivery angles to produce the desired trajectory for our woods.

The swing you’ve developed for your irons will tend to swing on a more vertical swing path that allows
the club to catch the ball with a descending arc.  The swing you will develop with the woods will employ
a much shallower arc, one that will allow you  to sweep the ball off the ground or off the tee.
Therefore, the shorter the club the more vertical and descending the arc of the swing, and the longer
the club the more shallower and sweeping the arc of the swing.

It is important to note that the irons are progressively designed to utilize a more vertical arc with the
shorter clubs and a more shallow arc with the longer clubs.  Additionally, your woods are specifically
designed for the purpose of sweeping the ball off the tee or turf.  

With these designs in mind, the ball position for each type of club and shot will vary as well.  The short
irons are designed to use a ball position that is further back in the stance, the middle irons are
designed for a more middle of the stance position, the longer irons are designed for a more forward
ball position, and the woods are designed to play the ball from the most forward position in your
stance.  So, be attentive to where you position the ball for each club, and notice which ball position
allow your swing to catch the ball on the appropriate arc.

One last note in regard to the set-up.  The woods are also designed to address the ball with the
hands either even with or behind the ball.  While the irons are designed to address the ball with your
hands ahead of the ball.  The shorter the club the more ahead of the ball your hands will be at
address, and the longer the club the more even with or behind the ball the hands will be at address.   
Of course, this will vary with each specific club designed.  As we progress through this volume of the
Pocket Coach Series, I will address more specifically the parameters for addressing the ball with your
woods.  I will diagram these positions for each club and for varying types of shot trajectories.  
Additionally I will focus on the specific needs of swinging on a more shallow sweeping arc.

As usual, I apologize to the left-handed golfer.  This volume, more than most, is described in right-
sided terms.  The simple fact that these pocket coaches are condensed books, makes it too difficult to
describe the process from both sides of the ball.

This is the table of contents from Playing The Woods.  It may give
you some insights as to the topics covered in the New Horizons
Golf Approach Pocket Coach Volume Twelve.

Table Of Contents


Part One – Sweeping The Ball

Club Design & Set-Up
Bunting The Ball
Sweeping The Ball
Tracing The Line
Widening The Arc
Rhythm & Timing
Train, Train, Train

Part Two –  The Progressive Skills

The Bunting Progression
The Sweeping Progression
Low Trajectory Drives
High-Cary Shots
Launching Power Shots
Know When To Lay-Up
Plan Your Tee Shots
Let’s Play Golf

Let’s Play G-O-L-F TM

Playing for a target score is only one way of implementing an on course strategy.  I believe to truly
play the game you cannot worry so much about your scoring strategy.  I think everyone is aware of
how well they are scoring, and they know they need to score as low as they can.  So, since the idea
of scoring is always present you do not need to focus on it.  Instead, focus on playing the game.

Truly playing the game involves feeling a game that fascinates you.  It involves striving to play the
type of game you usually dream of playing.  It’s about finding out your potential and
manifesting it in your play.  It’s about engaging yourself in the ongoing drama of sport.  It’s about
absorbing yourself into the possibility of expressing your true potential.  

It’s about
Gaming Out Life’s Fascinations.

So, when you walk out on the golf course, I’m inviting you to take the plunge, to go for it.  I’m inviting
you to play golf without putting so much emphasis on scoring low.  Win or lose, score low or high,
enjoy the adventure, keep a good attitude, and take something away from every round that makes
you a more accomplished golfer.
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