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Prelude - Becoming A Real Player
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Approach Pocket Coach Volume 1 - Becoming A Real Player.  
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Becoming a real player is about approaching the game in an enjoyable, purposeful, and performance-
oriented way.  It’s about truly experiencing a game worth playing for a lifetime.  It’s about playing the
game you imagine in your dreams.  It’s about enjoying the whole experience that 18 holes of golf has
to offer.  It’s about playing a game, a game called
G-O-L-FTM.   I like to think of it as:

Gaming Out Life’s Fascinations.

This book recommends an approach in that will establish the foundation needed to play
The longer you stick with the approach, the less you will think about the procedures and the more
your foundation will manifest itself in your play.  At which point you can focus all your attention on

By the end of this journey it is my hope you will be more prepared to engage in the experiences that
keep you fascinated with the game.

This is the table of contents from Becoming A Real Player.  It may
give you some insights as to the topics covered in the New
Horizons Golf Approach Pocket Coach Volume One.

Table Of Contents


Part One – The Foundation

Heading to the Course
Practicing on the Course
Playing Social Golf
Playing Business Golf
Playing Competitive Golf
Managing Your Time
Maintaining Your Disposition
Playing The Game

Part Two – The Action Plan

A Fundamental Approach
Establishing an Action Plan
Good Focus Habits
Maximizing Enjoyment
Minimizing Frustration

Part Three – Execution

Creating A Routine
Routine Pictorial
Breaking 100, 90, & 80
Let’s Play G-O-L-F

Let’s Play G-O-L-F TM

Playing for a target score is only one way of implementing an on course strategy.  I believe to truly
play the game you cannot worry so much about your scoring strategy.  I think everyone is aware of
how well they are scoring, and they know they need to score as low as they can.  So, since the idea
of scoring is always present you do not need to focus on it.  Instead, focus on playing the game.

Truly playing the game involves feeling a game that fascinates you.  It involves striving to play the
type of game you usually dream of playing.  It’s about finding out your potential and
manifesting it in your play.  It’s about engaging yourself in the ongoing drama of sport.  It’s about
absorbing yourself into the possibility of expressing your true potential.  

It’s about
Gaming Out Life’s Fascinations.

So, when you walk out on the golf course, I’m inviting you to take the plunge, to go for it.  I’m inviting
you to play golf without putting so much emphasis on scoring low.  Win or lose, score low or high,
enjoy the adventure, keep a good attitude, and take something away from every round that makes
you a more accomplished golfer.
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