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Your Method Of Play

As you study each pocket coach, realize that each book on its own provides a valid
method of play.  You simply need to identify want style of play fits your needs.

Volume 2 provides a fundamental method of play, volume 3 provides an athletic
method, volume 4 a method of becoming a great ball striker, and volume 5
provides an approach to being a power player. Volume 6 provides a process for
being a body player, volume 7 provides a process for being a leverage player, and
volume 8 shows you how to be an on-plane swinger.

Each of the other books help you fill in the gaps.  Volume 9 focuses on putting,
volume 10 on stroke saving shots, volume 11 on wedge play, volume 12 on playing
the woods, and volume one provides a game plan for managing yourself on the
golf course.  

While studying all the books in their entirety will provide the most complete image
of playing the game, it is only necessary to find a method of play that suits your
needs.  For example, if you want to play consistent recreational golf, then use
either volume 2 or 3 as your method of play.  

If you want to be a great ball striker then study volume 4 first followed by volume 7
for advanced training.  If you want to be a power player, or a consistent body
player, study volumes 5 and 6.  If you believe that leverage is the answer to your
method of play study volume 7 by itself.  Lastly, if you believe that swinging on-
plane is the key to a consistent method of play study volume eight.

No matter what style you choose as your basic method of play, use the correlating
pocket coaches to establish your approach to the game.  Then use volumes 9, 10,
11, and 12 to round out the skills needed to play your best golf.  

In the end these pocket coaches may have the greatest influence on your ability to
score low.  Your basic method of play will help you navigate your way around the
course, however, your putting, stroke saving, and wedge skills will help you finish
off each hole in as few a number of strokes as possible.  

Playing your woods well will help you begin each hole in a positive manner as well,
so volume 12 will also be important to your scoring skills.  Sam Snead once said if
he had to do it all over again he would spend 90 % of his time on driving, wedge
play, and putting, all of which are covered in volumes 9 thru 12.  Now let’s play golf.
Method Of Play
There are many methods of
play available to the golfer.  
Below we have listed some
of the viable methods:

Fundamental Method

Athletic Method

Ball Striker's Method

Stacking Method

Anchored Method

Leverage Method

On-Plane Method

Shotmaker's Method

Body Player's Method

Arms Player's Method

Feel Method

Visual Method

Awareness Method

Scrambler's Method

Grinder's Method

Attacker's Method

Plotter's Method
New Horizons Golf Approach
I n n o v a t i v e  C o a c h i n g  F o r  G o l f e r s
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