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As you develop your golf action keep in mind there are three categories of golf actions, and these actions are throw
off of either a weight shift or pivot action, and Swingers delivery the swing with rotational force.  Keep in mind that
there are general classification at this point.  However, from these general classifications it can be concluded that
Hitters are often using the arms actively while thrusting, Throwers clearly use and active arm action to throw, and
Swingers are much more body players.

There are many different methods that have recommended one or the other of these applications.  Indeed they are
applications which make them more a matter of choice than of necessity.  In "The LAW's of the Golf Swing" by Mike
Adams, Jim Suttie, and TJ Tomasi there are three patterns that are discussed.  As I studied their observations and
recommendations it occurred to me that what they classify as Width players are generally golfers more suited to
Hitting.  It occurred to me that what they classify as Arc players are generally golfers more suited to being what I call
Arc Throwers, and what they classify as being Lever players are generally golfers suited to being Swingers.  These
are my observations and opinions based on how they define their body type tests and what they recommend each
body type to utilize as a golf action.  There study also has further implications when we relate their observations to
the biomechanics studied in Stage Three of this website.

In The Golfing Machine Homer Kelley states, " The Golf Stroke involves mainly, two basic elements-the Geometry of
the Circle and the Physics of Rotation.  And only two basic Strokes-Hitting and Swinging.  The geometry (for
"uncompensated" Strokes) is the same for both.  And for all clubs and Patterns.  But, basically, the Physics of
Hitting is Muscular Thrust, and of Swinging, Centrifugal Force, and herein, "Motion" is Geometry - "Action" is
Physics.  Hitting and Swinging seem equally efficient.  The difference is in the players.  If you are strong, then hit.  If
you are fast, then swing.  If both-do either. Or both."  Interestingly enough The Golfing Machine never addressed
the action of throwing even though it is clearly a viable action.  For many it simply comes down to a matter of choice
or preference.  

The concept of being a body player has been around for a very long time.  Many people think it is a modern
concept, however the great teacher Percy Boomer recommended that we "Turn in a Barrel."  He often described the
basic golf motion as rotating in a centered manner.  He equated it to performing a tight spin in dancing.  A brief
study of the history of golf swing will reveal that classical players like Bobby Jones and Sam Snead also advocated
rotating freely.  Sam Snead often used a "Turn, Turn, Turn" motto when talking about the golf swing.
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